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MOL Market

Tea Light jars to light up any home, price for painted version, £2.50


We will also be selling Vintage Tea Light jars wrapped in song paper which are priced at £3.00


A little Penguin to make your garden magic or spice up your kitchen! priced – 50p


Thank you for your continued support,

Kind Regards

Primary 7

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Bike Train

It is really fun, I am in the pink jacket!!

Milton of Leys Primary School

In a first for the school, today saw the launch of the MOL ‘bike train’. With thanks to the Bikeability team, pupils are joining together to cycle safely to school. This is currently open to all pupils in P7 as they have now completed their Level 2 Bikeability training. The train route can grow and be adjusted to take in all P7 cyclists who are interested in taking part. If parents are keen to join, please let us know. The aim is to have a healthy number of cyclists and reduce our carbon footprint. P7 parents who would like more information should contact Mrs Snedden at the school. Well done these pioneers!


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Stirling Castle trip!

I can’t wait for the trip! I am going to get a disposable camera just for it. I can’t take that many photos though!


Primary 6B

P6B are so excited for our trip to Stirling Castle next week! Here is a reminder of the details:

We will be leaving school by bus at 7:10am and returning at approximately 6pm. It is vital that children arrive by 7:00am as our schedule is tight and we will be leaving at 7.10am sharp. This will allow us to arrive at Stirling castle at approximately 10:10am to allow the children a comfort break before our exciting day begins at 10.30am.

P6 will be divided into two groups, group A will participate in the discovery session for one and a half hours while group B will be exploring the planned tour. After lunch at 12:30pm, the groups will swap over, aiming to finish at 2:30pm. If time is available, the children will be able to explore the castle shop with the aim to leave Stirling castle at 3pm to begin our…

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MOL at MacRobert Cup 2016

Are there any more photos!?

Milton of Leys Primary School


This morning, the Red army of MOL descended upon Bught Park for our superstars to take part in the annual MacRobert Cup for Cross-Country Running.

Cheered on by a large and vocal following of parents and staff alike, every single child performed superbly and as always, represented the school in such a positive way.

There were a number of team and individual performances which earned medals including:

P2/3 Boys Team finishing 2nd place

P4/5 Boys Team finishing 3rd place

P4/5 Girls Team finishing 3rd place

P6/7 Girls Team finishing in 2nd place

Grace M finishing in 1st place in P4/5 Girls

Lachlan M finishing in 1st place in P4/5 Boys

Rory S finishing in 2nd place in P4/5 Boys

Ava W finishing in 4th place in P6/7 Girls

Duncan M finishing in 1st place in P6/7 Boys

Calum M finishing in 6th place in P6/7 Boys

There were a large…

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Out Of School Blog.

I think that we should have a blog where we can share all of our news and find-out more about each-other and what we like to do and what our hobbies are! We would then be able to maybe meet up with some of our friends when they go to a certain place at a certain time on a certain day. That’s what I think that we should do anyway. Thank You!

By Ava Lily Walsh

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